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We feel a special responsibility towards our trainers and coaches.
Because we know: Only with their reliable commitment, can we meet the high expectations of our customers. And we understand that only satisfied teaching staff leads to satisfied customers. As a visitor of this website, you might have already benefited therefrom.

Our highly qualified colleagues perform the extraordinary because we pay them fairly.





We also see ourselves as having a social responsibility to participate actively and globally in social structures. We support pro bono individuals who are indispensable for the social foundations, e.g. doctors, technical assistants and journalists but also musicians and athletes, who want to / need to develop their language skills.

In case you would like to participate in this program or would like to suggest someone for it, send us an informal letter, also in English, with a short description of the current living circumstances, addressed to

Persons with a non-clarified residential status are very welcome.


To our social projects

Are you very satisfied with your current language teacher? - BRING YOUR OWN TEACHER with you!

You appreciate our concept but you also want to continue working with your current language trainer? Then, do something good for him/her and suggest him/her to us - all parties take advantage from a cooperation with ISEU.

Your trainer very often receives only a tiny fraction of the hourly fee you pay to a language school. Language trainers usually work as freelancers for several language schools, frequently without any transport reimbursement, have very unfavourable cancellation norms and often live in constant uncertainty.

As a non-profit organisation, we see it as our responsibility to offer motivated language trainers the opportunity to work under significantly better conditions: appropriate/higher fees, taking on from them of very often time consuming organisational tasks (e.g. participating in tenders and reviewing contracts) and an always transparent cost structure with minimized administration fees offer our trainers the platform/possibility to concentrate on what teachers are really keen on: teaching. Our sustainable concept actively promotes progress in learning.

So, everybody benefits: trainers, students and clients.

Your advantages aT a glance:

✅   Sustainable training conditions

✅   Legal certainty

✅   Guaranteed continuity

✅   Access to our learning Management system

 Interested? Write to: .

Do you offer high-quality language training?

We offer our language trainers considerable advantages, as all time-consuming and non-billable activities are delegated to our back office. 

At ISEU, you are offered the opportunity to completely concentrate on teaching without losing your identity. You can stay authentic with us. We both share our high standard of service quality and the love for teaching.

The combination of us focussing on quality and not on profit as well as our lean administration structure allow us to give you the largest possible share. When teaching in companies, it is highly beneficial not to act as a private person but also as a representative of a company.

Not totally convinced?

Doesn’t your student want to pause during your holidays? Amongst your ISEU colleagues, you will definitely find the right replacement person, who will not try to steal your student away from you.

Did you ever calculate how many hours you spend weekly with additional work such as acquiring new customers and revising contracts? With us, this time-consuming extra work is done by our part-time back office employee, who keeps your back free.

Did you ever consider how much has to be invested into a professional website and/or online learning platform? Both are available already at ISEU without additional time and financial expense, always up to date.

Your advantages at a glance:

✅   Professional client management

✅   Premium learning management system

✅   Legal certainty, contracts and general terms and conditions

✅   Professional website

 Interested? Write to: .