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German for Dentists

FIT FOR Approbation? ? EFFICIENT Preparation TRAINING FOR

"Fachsprachprüfung" and "KENNTNISPRÜFUNG (Gleichwertigkeitsprüfung)" for SUCCESSFUL INTEGRATION 

The expectations placed on medical professionals are high – the state dental chambers and employers requires dentist's knowledge of medical terminology to be at C1 level. Strong general language skills are also essential for navigating the demanding day-to-day life of working in a German healthcare center, dentist's or oral surgeon's practice.

Whether they are provided as intensive seminars or as training alongside work, in person or throughout Germany online, our specialist language courses and seminars equip dentists with the language skills. They also prepare participants for the language tests they need to sit in order to be awarded a license to study medicine by Germany’s state chambers of dentists (Kenntnisprüfung and Fachsprachprüfung).



Our medical language training program covers a huge number of specialisms, including the following:

  • Dentistry and oral surgery
  • Disease patterns and treatments
  • Medical history, diagnosis and physical examinations
  • Patient consultations and oral communication
  • Case presentations and discussions
  • Medical devices and instruments on the ward and in the operating theater
  • Consultations and informed consent meetings
  • Medical documentation
  • Doctor’s letters, epicrises
  • German healthcare system
  • Intercultural training
  • Preparations for language exams set by Germany’s state chambers of physicians

Our Offer:

Specialist Training "Standard"

Exam "Fachsprachprüfung Zahnmedizin"

Specific and efficient

with Anja Taschner

Individual preparation for the exam "Fachsprachprüfung Zahnmedizin".

Short sessions of 60 minutes

✅ One-to-one
✅ Online-Training
Individually defined content
✅ Flexible scheduling

Requirements: German knowledge at level B2

10x60 Min.: 1000,- EUR

Anja Taschner
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Specialist Training "Premium"

FSP and KP Zahnmedizin

High-specific and precise

with Dr. med. dent. Joachim Kowollik

Individual preparation for the exams "Fachsprachprüfung" and "Kenntnisprüfung".

Short sessions of 60 minutes

✅ One-to-one
✅ Online-Training
✅ Flexible scheduling
Individually defined content out of 300 ppt-slides
✅ High-specialized content available

Requirements: German knowledge at level B2

5x60 min.: 615,- EUR

Kowollik Portrat  1024
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