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Anja Taschner

Trainer⎪Job Coaching

My Specialist Fields

  • Job Coaching: from unsolicited application to salary negotiation
  • Patchwork Learning: gap mending, even with decades of inaccurate grammar
  • Motivational Learning: start learning German based on automotive contents from A1 on, only suitable for car enthusiasts, but also for children and teens
  • mental examination preparation
  • sustainable trainings: from eco-apple to ISO-certification

the best or nothing! (Gottlieb Daimler)


  • 1989-1995: translator German-English
  • 1999: training medical product advisor
  • 2002-2003: training German as a foreign language
  • 2009: training environmental education, Nortetrek Canaries

Teaching Activities

  • since 1997: technical trainings, particularly in medical and drive engineering
  • since 2002: language training in sideline, since 2014 in fulltime
  • since 2004: job coaching, application procedures and career planning
  • since 2017: also online teaching
  • long-term experience in training on all levels, as well as exam preparation
  • clients: several banks: Citibank, Commerzbank, Deutsche Bank, Metzler Privatbank, Postbank, Santander
    institutions: European Central Bank, Canary Island Councel
  • various companies: e.g. Samsung, GFT & ES Scheele